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The Boulevarde Bulletin is a newsletter that we will be putting out on a semi regular basis that will inform you as to what is happening in the driving instructor world as well as issues that affect learner drivers.

We hope to be able to inform you as to any changes to the RTA on road driving test and give a 'well done' mention to those Boulevarde students that have recently passed their driving (P1) test. Hopefully we may be able to get a comment from them and have them pass on their experience.

28th March, 2012


On the 19th of March, NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay announced a new course to give learner drivers the opportunity to become safer drivers.

Mr Gay has taken the first steps by introducing a one day course that a learner driver can attend to improve his or her driving ability. He went onto say, "Learner drivers who completed a safer driver course would have their log book requirements reduced from the current 120 hours down to 100 hours".



Learner drivers in NSW who have completed a minimum 50 hours of actual driving are now eligible to register for the Safer Drivers Course, a course designed to address road safety risks faced by young drivers. This course consists of a 3 hour in-class session and a subsequent 2 hour in-car coaching session. Upon completion of this course participants will be credited with 20 hours in their logbooks.

At the time of printing the course cost has been set at $140 to participants. Courses are being run in varying locations with more areas to be added towards the end of 2013. Further information and booking details can be found at or at

Boulevarde Driving School is proud to be involved in the facilitation of this course with National Driver Education (see our link page) and PCYC Sutherland.

28th March, 2012



Planning a trip these upcoming holidays & want to avoid roadworks, road closures & general delays? Visit the RTA's Live Traffic Update web site ( Type in your journey & review the latest information pertaining to traffic along the way. Or simply call 132701 for phone info about the same. Great service!

Most of us know that speeding increases your chance of having a crash, but by how much? If a car hits a pedestrian at 50 km/h the driver is twice as likely to kill the pedestrian than if the car hits the pedestrian at 40 km/h. The casualty crash risk at 65km/h is also around twice the risk than at 60km/h. At 70km/h, the casualty crash risk is more than four times the risk at 60km/h. Even a small increase in speed increases your chance of having a crash. Please do not speed!

27th March, 2013

The RMS have recently announced changes for learner drivers, effective 1 July 2013. From this date learner drivers will be permitted to travel up to 90km/h. Learner drivers will also have access to a Safer Drivers Course which will address differing road conditions, understanding factors beyond a drivers' control, and identifying risks on the road. At the time of printing this article the cost and course facilitators were still to be announced. Participants of this course will receive a 20 HOUR CREDIT in their log books (which is separate to the "3 for 1" scheme already providing up to an additional 20 hours of credit for learners). Further information can be found at

Be careful when looking to book "3 for 1" lessons - some instructors charge extra for this service!!! Boulevarde does not charge any more to provide this service, and we ensure the correct paperwork is completed in accordance with RMS guidelines.

And with the Easter & school holiday breaks coming up, remember to be extra careful on the roads! Remember to have your vehicle checked for safety before undertaking a journey, and remember the effects (and consequences!) of speed, alcohol & distractions. Remember it may not be you who creates a dangerous situation, but you may be the one who has to unexpectedly respond to avoid an incident. Also remember the Trip Planner and Live Traffic Information links on the website, especially if planning a trip out of your local area - we use it and it has saved us HOURS of sitting in traffic in the past!"

26th Jan 2012


In late 2011 the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority amalgamated with the NSW Maritime Services and became the Roads and Maritime Services.

This was done supposedly to streamline the services and put them both under the one roof as it were.

As far as the learner driver is concerned there should be no difference in the day to day transactions and services.




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