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From 1/7/19

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At Boulevarde Driving School we believe that your driving lesson should not only be informative, interactive and obviously be of great benefit to you in obtaining your drivers licence but it should also be a fun and pleasant experience.

Our experienced instructors will make you feel at ease and at no time will they be intimidating towards the student. We believe in one step at a time. The student will not be made to step beyond their comfort zone however, sometimes instructors may have to give the student some gentle persuasion to help them along.

Lessons typically last for a minimum of one hour and sometimes when time permits may go beyond that. For your convenience, we are able to collect students from home, work, school, train stations or other venues, and finish lessons at pre-determined locations.

Lessons are conducted from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays by special arrangement.

Prices for lessons as of 1/7/19 are $70 per hour. Please see our “Package Deals”section of this website for further details on packages, gift vouchers, and methods of payment. We believe the cost of driving lessons compared to the monetary and / or emotional costs associated with a collision that could be contributed to inexperience and / or lack of knowledge is a small price to pay.

Structured lesson plans are used to educate drivers to be safe and competent road users - not simply how to “pass the driving test”. We recognise that each person has differing needs and learning abilities, and engage adult learning principles to ensure each person experiences positive learning outcomes in a safe & friendly environment.

Parents and supervising drivers are encouraged to be actively involved in the professional tuition process, including accompanying learner drivers during lessons if they wish.

Please note that we will not provide a vehicle for a driving test unless the student has engaged in a lesson prior and has been deemed to be a competent driver by our instructor.


Ideally, we recommend the student does at least 5 - 10 lessons (this will vary depending on the students aptitude) at the beginning of their driving. This will get them off to a good start and teach them the correct way to do things as well as giving them a good knowledge of the current road rules. Then, start building your hours with your supervising driver armed with the knowledge your instructor has imparted on you. Whilst regular lessons are beneficial, we would suggest that you at least come back to see us again at about the 60 hour mark for a refresher lesson. At this point you have probably picked up the odd bad habbit or two from watching other drivers. When you are almost ready to do the driving test we can do another couple of lessons just to brush up on any last minute concerns you might have. We can also do a 'practice driving test' utilising the knowledge we have gained over the years to assertain if your 'ready' to do the RTA on road test. We do stress however, that a pass in our own in-house practice test is by no means a guarantee that you will pass the RMS test, it is meant to be a guide only.


The bulk of our students are primarily teenagers wanting to obtain their licence as soon as they turn 17 years of age however, we do have quite a number of students in their 20's and 30's, even up to more 'mature' aged students who are learning for the first time. We also provide refresher courses for those who just want to brush up and for the over 75's we can provide lessons as well as the on road assessment. Boulevarde Driving School is an RTA accredited Aged Assessor. For those who are wanting to convert fron an overseas licence, we can conduct lessons to bring you up to speed with the NSW rules. Find out more.


Other services we provide are;- Post Licence refresher, Conversion from automatic to manual, trailer towing and reversing lessons and support for Supervising Drivers.


At Boulevarde, lessons are not only restricted to daylight hours. We do offer night time driving lessons if you so wish. For a learner driver, driving at night for the first time can be a daunting prospect and does require additional knowledge. Although night driving does not form part of the driving test, it is important to get a good sound knowledge of this aspect of driving.

On the 15th of December 2009 the NSW Government introduced a scheme aimed at reducing the burden placed on parents and supervising drivers when it came to building up the required 120 hours that learner drivers (who are under 25) must complete before they can do the on road driving test.

What this means is, for every one (1) hour the learner driver does with a licensed driving instructor the instructor is able to put three (3) hours in your log book up to a maximum of ten (10) hours driving. This would give you thirty (30) hours in your log book.

PLEASE NOTE: 3 for 1 hours DOES NOT apply to night time driving, you still have to do the required 20 hours night driving however, we are still permitted to provide the student with 3 hours. ie, 1 hour night and 2 hours day.

Not all driving schools offer this as the lesson must be structured in accordance with government regulations.

All new Log Books now have a page in the back for driving instructors to fill out at the completion of each structured lesson.

Which school? (Extract from RMS web site)

There are lots of driving schools and licensed driving instructors out there to choose from and it’s important you do a bit of research to choose the right one. You don’t want to find out the instructor isn’t properly qualified and the hours you pay for won’t count in the three-for-one deal.

If the “school” is run out of some random garage and the “instructor” offers a rusted heap that looks like it could have been salvaged from a wrecker’s yard, it’s really a no brainer to keep right on walking past.

All fully qualified and licensed driving instructors will have a NSW Driving Instructor’s Licence (with their photo on it). If they don’t have this licence, they’re not legal instructors. To claim the three-for-one driving hours in your logbook, the driving school and instructor must have a structured lesson planner – without it, you’ll only be able to record the actual hours you spend on the road, even though they’re paid lessons.

It’s a good idea to give the instructors you’re considering a call to ask a few questions.

Some questions worth asking are:

  • Are they a fully licensed driving instructor?
  • Do they have a structured lesson planner?
  • Is the training one-on-one?
  • What course guidelines do they have?
  • Would they design each lesson together with you and your supervising driver?
  • Do they have a system to track your progress?
  • Can they give guidance to your supervising driver to help you learn and satisfy logbook requirements?
  • Do they have a vehicle for your lessons? Is it automatic or manual?
  • Can you choose which vehicle you take lessons in (maybe you want to learn in your parents’ car)?
  • Are they flexible in terms of lesson times, drop off and pick up spots, etc?
  • Are they a member of an association with a code of practice?






Out of courtesy to the driving school, instructors and other students, 24 hrs notice is required in the event you may have to cancel your lesson. This will also apply to you forgetting about the lesson, getting the day or date wrong or simply not turning up. We realise that in some cases it may be necessary to cancel a lesson and we ask for your thoughtfulness in this matter. Failure to do so may result in a 50% cancellation fee.

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